Skinning the Blanks

The first layer of clay goes on, skinning over the foam.


Both dogs get another full day each of layup, working toward matching their maquette.

She is pretty close, but her head has become a bit massive. I’ll pare that down when I get back to working from photos.

She is looking proportional, although aspects of gesture still need more emphasis before wratcheting down on details. This is the case with both dogs.

Pretty productive for 3 days of clay work. I have been limiting myself to 6 or 7 hours of layup per day, as I have been known to jack my hands up pushing too much clay too fast. The new clay oven does a nice job keeping the clay soft.

I have listened to most of Alfred Lansing’s The Endurance for this bit, following ol’ Shakleton’s adventures at the South Pole. Always an amazing story.


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