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Silicon Molding is a process of mixing silicon rubber with a catalyst of Smurf blood at a ratio of 10/1, or an alternate of Vulcan blood. I use Vulcan blood, then use Smurf as a thickening agent.

The images follow the runny impression layer, and subsequent layers building up thickness, a reinforcing yellow mesh, a final layer of silicon, then creating mold seams (where the mold will separate) and spherical mold keys to lock the floppy silicon layer to the impending fiberglass layer. Each pooch has used about 2 gallons (20lbs) of Silicon so far.

Still a long carcenogenic way to go.

At the request of the girl’s Alpha I moved the ears on both dogs, and they do look much better. For lop-eared dogs the silky drape of the front of the ear moves in relation to the cartilage and muscles at the rear/top of the ear that straps across the back of the head. So when they “prick” their ears, the back of the ear flairs out from the head and turns forward, even though the ear remains floppy.

The faces take on a softer, nearly heart-shaped composition and brings more dimension to the head.

The past few trips to the Montana ranch I’ve been gathering bits of farming machinery from old wrecks that have spent generations marooned in the high alpine hayfields. For this idea to really get legs I’ll need to invest in a gas cutting torch, as I’ve made do with a rechargable sawzall, hammers, prybars, and wrenches so far. The blood tatoo on my left thumbnail is almost grown out from the July harvest of parts.

I started off with parts from a seed drill, using a steel wheel and creating an axel for it from steel rod to hold an arm of the seed drill. (A seed drill is pulled behind a tractor, it is about 14 feet wide with many “drills” that drive seeds from a shaker box into the ground).

The other “found” objects are 3 of the 5 chicks that were recovered from the vandalized Quail commission. I scrounged up some copper disks and stainless steel disks and rectangles at the magical everything store -NPS- here in SLC. These non-ferrous metals were formed into a little wheel that the bottom chick is riding on, on top of a disk welded to a spinning bearing, that is in turn welded to a heavy spring, which is welded to the reassembled farm machinery. The chicks can spin and bounce- I may add some sort of wind tail to the bearing so it acts as a weather vane. I also am still playing with ideas for the central high axel housing, and am keeping an eye out for some sort of headlight that I could rig with a solar powered LED.

The original intent was to create wheeled machine hybrid forms as bases for the many half-life size cast bronze and aluminum figures that lurk about the yard and studio. Some may still wind up coming together for that purpose, but I liked the crazy balance of the quail on the wheel- so they got dibs.


The unicycle before the quail found it.


The pooches and I found out that the Chinese sent a vast navy around the world in the 1420’s (1421: the year China discovered the world by Gavin Menzies; how new age dinks in 1960-70s Berkely wanted to believe physics and psychics were related and inadvertantly wound up helping Physics stay relevant after the A-bomb in How The Hippies Saved Physics; and a great expose on conspiracy thinking through modern history in Voodoo Histories; plus many more.

Here the ladies are. Mostly finished now.

The second group of images are all of the seated dog- black in real life (with a frosted muzzzle), while the last group are all of the sitting dog- “yellow” in real life.