Xmas Kitsch Itch

With the molds at foundry waiting wax pour, and a model for a new possible commission finished and delivered, I burned off some Xmas Fidgets for the yard. This year I made center-stars for the bows out on the fence and porch, each created out of an aluminum pie pan and two coke cans. The ornaments around the porch survived a windstorm that took down 30 trees in the local graveyard and flipped semis a bit further north; my figet is waning, but I had plans to expand the flagpole fidgets. I made a big glowing green & shining aluminum star for “zombie Clay” to hold in the back yard- he holds different things through the year, and needed something seasonal. The big pine tree out front is lit top-to-bottom at night, and I make knicknacks to dress it out for daytime. They are mainly little practice bits and fails that are repurposed as stars. I had cut about 90 cups for a seamline on the Lab molds, and used the bottoms and rims to create a daisy chain- yikes!

Elizabeth and I set up the tree awhile back. Of note this year are the 40-year-old clothespin marching-band descending the tree, made by E’s mom before Disco existed. Also pictured with the Marching Band is one of three new Insanity-Balls E made since last Xmas; Bowl of Cream.


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