Labradors Return

The ladies have returned and it is a bit chilly out in the shop, so I stay in the nice warm studio. Back in December I pulled out a triptych started in 1997- from an early October climb of Mt. Elbert; Colorado’s tallest peak at 14,440 feet. Utah’s little 12k peaks just don’t inspire me to climb them- sigh. I began the painting the next summer when I returned to the Boulder Watershed, no longer as Patrol, but retired to cook- which my knees creakily thank me to this day.

The painting process is mainly one of triage. I layed in the basics those 15 years ago, but it is a really large piece and once put away it never re-emerged. The best thing for it is probably to leave it as a historical/hysterical record and begin something new. It has a similar challenge to bringing the Alabaster works started in the same pre-Danger era up to Danger standards- although self-critial commentary is showing that I am moving into a Post-Danger era. In the Post-Danger era, revisiting “lost works” is acceptable as self-archeology blended with a type of pre-danger self-anhilation via revisitation.


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