Behavioral Issues

A storm was blowing in on Sunday, and the temp nearly reached 50 degrees- a great day to head out into the shop and work with the dogs. This little gal was determined not to sit and required a lot of training. If she had been better behaved, both Labs would be zipped together. Large wax shapes can distort just enough to never fit back together quite right, making the bronze forms challenging. The head/shoulders fit fine, but the larger weld called for strap clamps, an electric hoist, and a car jack to press from the inside. With tack-welds, a ball-pein hammer, and a nylon mallet I eventually trained her to sit again.

It was 16 degrees outside this morning, so the next Labrador will be in pieces till our next storm blows in later this week.

Saturday afternoon had warmed up just before sunset, and I went out to prep the pieces. I had to put it off til Sunday, as my favorite old angle-grinder finally threw in the towel. It had been in service making art happen since 1989- the old green Bosch 4.5 inch 7amp angle grinder gave a funny chirp as I turned it on and nothing more. I took the tool apart and cleaned all its points and brushes (something I’d done a few times before), but the salts from the big library mobile had burned her up. She had been a bit sporadic ever since helping me create that monster, even after a good cleaning. Her replacement was nearly another Bosch, but there were only 6-amp models in town, which would burn up. The next 20-plus years of medium-duty grinding will be up to a nice little 7 amp Milwaukee, who zipped out her job of prepping the seams without a fuss.

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