School is Out, Time to Paint

The semester ended last week, leaving me no excuses with continuing my repainting of the house. The before pictures show the effects of only 4 years of smokers living in the house- they had painted it all white, over the previous Yikes-Green. Over Xmas I refinished the dining area (which just had a hole punched in the wall by an Elizabeth-boobie-trapped sculpture that drew a long scrape down my arm and crushed my foot: feels kinda broken…it was the last thing to move back into the living room, of course).

On Sunday I got things started by takining down the curtains, pulling off all the socket covers, and moving everyting out of the room. Then I spent the day plastering 70-year old house issues, and caulking every seam of every window, the floorboards, and the fireplace. The caulk was a special firm variety that holds and doesn’t bulge or run, but was nearly impossible to squeeze out of the caulk-gun, that or married life has really ruined my hand strength.E spent a lot of the day washing down the walls, again. an 8 hour day.

Monday I blue-taped around all the floorboards, then taped down drop cloths. Then taped off the lights and everything else. Then it was time for paint job #1, covering ceiling and walls with at least one coat of Kilz to knock back and seal in the cigarette sallowness. Some areas took 4 coats of Kilz. a ten hour day.

Tuesday I painted the ceiling a flat off-white with a blue tint, the same as the dining room. A hint of blue in the ceiling gives a nice sense of space overhead. The first step is using a trim brush to define the line of the ceiling/wall, a bit of zen displacement helps the hours of fidgeting this requires- then a rollerbrush on an extension arm. It is good to wear a hat for this part. a 12 hour day.

Wednesday began giving all the trim, floorboards, windows, and fireplace two coats of white enamel. Then it was back up on the footstool for more zen trim brush, defining the line of the wall from the ceiling, the wall from the floorboards, and around all the windows and fireplace. The wall color is a warm toned off-white. In the right light it has a buff sandy quality, but usually reads as white in daylight. a 12 hour day- that’s a 40 hour work week. whew!

In one of the later picts you can see a yellow door (it doesn’t seem yellow in the before picture). My next project is to remove all the doors and take them out to the shop, sand off years of paint and bondo over dings, then paint them all and rehang them.

This leaves the bedroom and the kitchen and the stairwell to the basement. The downstairs housed the college age daughters, who did not smoke- but that doesn’t mean the painting will stop…


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