Gardening Day

Stanley spent about 6 hours helping me out in the garden today. It snowed up in the hills yesterday and rained down here. Today was blustery and cool, a perfect day to move plants around to new stations. What was supposed to be a simple transfer of a blue Hosta and a pair of Astilbe from the front garden (too sunny later in the year!) to the shady side of the house, turned into adding another 7 feet of garden along the side of the house complete with edging and turning all the soil and adding in peat and fertilizer. The normal “soil” is a packed clay/sand. So that was the first little thing.

Next: the Maximillion Sunflower at the headwater of the pond has gone nutz and is crowding out three big Pink Barrow Columbine “Bell Flower” hybrids- they were all moved. A few other fellows needed moved from overcrowding, or just needing a spot with less sun. Then the lawn needed mowing, and Elizabeth braided the Daffodil stems.

The fish fountain I added awhile back. He spews into another planter that I’ve cut holes into the bottom of to adjust the tone of the water hitting the pool below. Fussy, I know. I still have to build him a new fin to hide the piping- he was cheap at Tuesday Mornings bcs his fin was broken off.

Suddenly I was reminded that I have been down by the flu since Monday, by the return of Fluey sandbodyness and a sore back. Xandar plopped down on the floor with me as I lay on a nerf football to let my back adjust with the magic of gravity. He has established himself as the animal alpha, and can take priority on me from Stanley. Xandar is a Khao Manee, from the royal house of Thailand, and only introduced to the West since the late 1990’s- and somehow he found his way through pet adoption as a deaf (not!) albino (not)! to us. He just laid down the law with Stanley. they will take awhile to integrate…



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