Red-Green Danger Show

What can a feller do when the days get hot and he wants to cool things off a bit without firing up an A/C unit? I used my Possum Lodge skills and some stuff I had lying about, and duct tape. There are no connective joints with the tape- it only seals air gaps like where I used a hole saw to access the fan’s rotation control. The tubing runs down the stairs to the basement, where it pulls in cool air at floor level and the fan pulls the air up to the kitchen. Working in tandem is the fan out in the sliding door of the sunroom. The sliding door fan was created last year to dump the hot air out of the house in the evenings- just open a window and it draws cool air in through the window and pushes the hot air out the door. During the day it is pulling hot air through a slightly open basement window- this allows the cool basement air to draw up into the rest of the house. As long as things cool off at night, it all works pretty well.

I have a plan to run the tubing out a basement window, through an insulated column, and into the bedroom or the living room. I’d start the tubing from under the bathtub, and could keep some water in the tub on hot days. That plan involves making the shift from goofing around with an idea, to taking it serously and buying stuff and making it all solid state- ie no duct tape, and no Possum Lodge mojo: where’s the fun in that?

Elizabeth created the amazing Rhubarb Uber-Crepe for weekend breakfast. It bent time and space so my dad could have some as well, it was that good.

Meanwhile, the cats no longer have to compete for a window perch. The new low perch has a wide and sturdy cradle for Xandar, while Charity has claimed the tighter hanging cradle of the re-engineered original (now with an extra leg wrapped with rope for Xandar’s scratching.

We can’t forget Stanley the Keeshond! We had three brushes, but even the furminator couldn’t handle his undercoat. We picked up a great undercoat brush, which is pictured in a little pile of Stanley fuzz. I’m guessing we filled at least one 13 gallon garbage bag, probably more. Then I gave him a bath, and now he feels a new kind of new he has never been like before. We also ordered a sleep pad that we fill with water to help him stay cool. I should have gotten one for Carmine, poor gal.

Not pictured are way too many drawings from Robert Beverly Hale’s Master Class On the Figure, and his Anatomy Lessons From the Master’s: and the application of those drawings of the figure on an alabaster figure out in the studio. When she is further along, she’ll get posted.


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