Assembling The Spreader

parts for spreader

The Spreader unit is coming along. So far I have traveled more than 100 miles gathering parts. Yesterday began with cleaning up the vintage cart. The old planks had to be shattered off, as the wood had shrunk around the old nails, and the heads folded before they would pull out. I cut the nails off and drove them down into the beams with an awl. With the help of a few sizes of wire wheels, the puckered skin of old lead-based paint came free. The rest of the day was dedicated to grinding the box down to clean metal, and creating temporary blanks out of wood to further divide the bed.

Today was a quick trip to Wasatch Steel for pipe, plate, and square tube. Then I cut the metal to length, and followed by grinding them clean. The ancient wheel assemblies were oxidized and funky, and I ground them out as well.

It was getting hot in the metal shop about then, and I need to think on a few parts and connections before I begin welding, so I shut it down and headed in for a grunge-shower and late lunch.

parts ready to weld

Spreader box on Chassis

Parts: Cutting, grinding, & polishing

Cart is stripped down and cleaned of old paint and shattered base boards.

Toggle wheel cleared of peeling lead paint.

Axel Wheels cleaned of debris and peeling lead paint.

1 comment
  1. Brad Sweet said:

    excellent, lookign forward to seeing how the stone & crushed rock integrates. When can we crush some rock for you.

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