Granite Fit to Bed

Granite is buffed out and fit into steel frame.

Today saw the steel frame come together and the stones buffed and fit into the frame.

The steel-cutting blade gave out yesterday afternoon, and I made a last run out to M&M tools before they closed for the day for the replacement blade. I switched out the blade when I got back, so everything would be ready to go in the morning. The morning started with cutting and welding the metal frame, and creating struts to keep the stones floated. The short runs of steel midway on the bed are anchor points for a narrow steel strap to help secure the stones. For an idea of proportion, these anchor points run about six inches from the table- or about a hand span. The stones are pretty burly.

The granite was dirty and gray. I steel wheeled the dirt from them, then switched through 4 grits of zip-lock rippers, stripping off dirt and oxidation to reveal and polish the pink/black/white crystal structure. Granite is one dense stone- my alabaster tools would do nothing to it.  I’ll label/map each stone and remove their dead weight to a safe spot, then move on to building the dump truck.

Granite in bed, and spiffed up.

  1. brad sweet said:

    Can you create more irrregularity in the stone pieces? And can they have more jagged appearance on the edge s?

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