Dump Truck Mechanism Assembly

This contraption belongs to the dump truck. It is an interpretation on the hydraulic lift mechanism. A guiding principal was simplifying for structural integrity. The 3 part apparatus is from mid-century farm equipment, sequestered away for 60 years or more in the back of the Montana machine shed. Not only did it actuate like a dumping mechanism, but it has that great spring-loaded hand release bar which adds an interactive component, i.e. “what happens when I pull this lever?” The answer is that nothing happens, or maybe it actually dumps all the stone- let’s find out!

The polished massive pipe is a stand-in for the hydraulic system that raises and lowers the bed. This is a burly chunk of XX-Strong pipe. Its walls are nearly 3/4 of an inch thick. That little bit weighs about 25 or 30lbs, and it stealthily rolled off the table when my back was turned and fell directly on to my ankle. I have a patch of skin missing, and an idea that the bone is fractured sent me walking around looking at the stars spinning around my head. I wanted to call it a day, but i could limp around well enough and there was no bone sticking out and no swelling, so I went back at it.

The pipe is welded securely to the heavy channel-irons (tack-welded across the top, and structurally welded across the bottom) will ensure that the massive weight of stone is stable.
Still to come is the connection between the hydraulic and the bed, and the chassis/wheels.

Dumping Mechanism

Dump Truck bed with T-bar.

Dump truck in two parts.


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