Dump Truck Rolls Out

Dump Truck Rolling

Monday. Started with Elizabeth & I lifting weights with P90X, then I filled up her bike tires on her commuter tank and she rode in to work. Next it was walkies for Stanley, watering the back yard, fixing the pond from yesterday’s fixing, breakfast, then on to artin’.

Thought I’d see what could get done on a Monday out in the metal shop.

The first project was creating the connections to bring the Lift and the Bed together to form out the dump truck. Once that was figured out and done, it was on to prepping 3 axles and 6 sets of wheels (12 wheels). Once prepped the wheels were welded to their axles, keeping everything nice and square. Then it was on to mounting the dump truck onto the chassis. I welded from underneath, keeping the long running outside edges open and connecting the 3 inner beams.

Dumper Lift Connection

Bed Connection

Connection Detail

Axel & Wheels

Chassis Detail

Dump Truck Rolling

Empty Dump Truck

Dump Truck Front

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