Everybody can has wheelz

Slurry Spreader with Chassis

The Slurry Spreader started her day getting 4 dividers cut to fit and welded into her box- these areas will each have a different grit of ground granite. Next the wheels were welded to the axles, and two square tubing runs were welded to her belly- then the axles were welded to the square tubing. She now has a sturdy chassis (there are picts of this lay-out on the Aug 14th  post, where I figured out what to do but waited to weld until I knew where I was going with the Dumper). Her water tower welded into place as well- I have yet to resolve what will happen with the larger circular hole next to it. I fit a bar across the front/underneath with three holes drilled to match the welded bolts on a 24″ run of square-stock. The square stock floats out to the side suspending a 24″ length of pretty brown marble- representing the slurry spraying onto the road. I had to switch from a metal blade to a diamond blade to cut the marble. After cutting it to fit, I polished the entire stone. Also pictured with the marble are the fat pin & hasp I will weld on tomorrow. The marble and square-stock are glued and clamped overnight, I’ll mount it tomorrow to check and removed it to keep the marble safe.

Slurry & Dumper

Marble Slurry


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