Ready To Lay Road

Rolling Out Road

Metal scouting turned up the “top-hat” riding shotgun in the big hole. Top-hat plays well with the cylinder, they have complementary visual weight and a nice interplay of round/flat.

The marble adhered to the steel backing bar, and is mounted and floating just above the ground.

Rolling Out Road- side

Rolling Out Road- rear

Slurry Spreader- front

Shotgun wears a top-hat


The slurry mixer is hitched to the dump truck.

Connection Connected



The curved Y hitch has a curved threaded bolt/nut with a pin: it is a unique form I found rooting around in an ancient store of military hardware. The female side has a weld hidden under the vehicle to a flush-mount square-tube welded to the twin chassis struts, just as it would be if this was a real vehicle.

  1. brad sweet said:

    Looks great. We still want you to age the steel. I got screwed up for time this week. Great pics but I’ll come see it next week.

    • I figured your summer schedule was pretty crazy. I will begin layering on the patina!

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