Vintage Cart gets more attention

Cart modification

The vintage cart went to the drawing board today, going for a minimal structural design accomplished with hefty I-Beam welded to channel iron that caps the wooden beams. The orange clamps will be replaced with 1/4″ wood bolts. Another I-Beam rises from the center of the spanning beam, and is topped with two runs of heavy-walled square tubing. Two longer runs of heavy square tubing run in parallel, and these will uphold the massive slab of slate I picked up from George at George’s salvage this afternoon. More square tubing will be glued to the bottom of the slate, running alongside and bolted to the parallel tubing.

The plan is to have additions read as a natural extension of the cart, read as old-world industrial strength, but almost disappear under the slate. I will rust-etch all the steel when it is together. The base should read as intrinsic to, yet somewhat anecdotal to,  the entire work.

cart modification, side


Slate top being heavy in truck

Too big and heavy to lift out of the back of the truck until the Cart is ready to hold it. It is dusty, but under the dust it is a deep glossy starless midnight.



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