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spider on web

Shelob spun her web in the doorway.

E and I drove Stanley to Santa Fe to meet his mini-me Sammy and have some fun goofing off with E’s parents. A few bronze sculptures came along as well, but never made it out of the truck as I spent a rainy day cold-calling on Canyon Road galleries. Santa Fe is one of the top art markets in the country, so I figured I might as well stroll about and see what the word was for showing. There were no tourists out in the rain, that or the place has truly become a ghost town of the arts, so the gallery folk were bored enough to take a look at my work. Some galleries were haughty and dismissive, most were friendly. An artist showing up in person with a portfolio is an oddity any more, it seems. I met up with a cousin who had been on the sales end of the art scene there a few years back and she took me around to the new rail-yard-contempo scene, created at the height of the housing bubble. Things are a bit less giddy now, to say the least.

This bright orange Pumpkin Spider was to the side of the big glass door into the lovely Adobe house up on Tano road. We were careful not to break her web during the day, but the big moths did that for her anyway and she re-stretched or quickly rebuilt it resulting in blurry spidey shots that Peter Parker could never have sold to The Daily Bugle paper.

When we returned I drove up to Park City and picked up the Labs for a seasonal bath. The sprinklers had covered them with Dalmatian hard water marks. The artist’s house we stayed at, Dick Mason, had made his name illustrating his Dalmatian blending into the New Mexico landscape. I took the spots off of the Lab/Dalmatians.

The trout the Labs share the yard with was bleached out fairly thoroughly, and will need to be sandblasted down to bare metal and have the patina re done (not pictured).

Shelob’s web illuminated by Sting’s glow.

Sunset over Santa Fe

Santa Fe sunset

Hard Water Lab

Reconditioned Lab

Lab un-dalmationed

Labs Reconditioned