Chicks On Wheels

wind tail

feather tail

Covey Unicycle

Covey Unicycle 2

Covey Unicycle 3


Hammered Feathers

I had this idea for the roll of old copper cable I brought back from the MT ranch: turn it into feathers that would act as a wind-tail for the Unicycle Covey. The wire is wrapped in cloth sheathing, so first that has to be stripped away, after sectioning it into lengths. I made myself an “anvil” with a scrap piece of small I-Beam, put a piece of carpet under it, and clamped it to the table. With a small butane torch I heated the copper cable, hammered, heated, hammered, and so on. Once they were all formed out I soldered them to a small section of copper tubing, then sleeved that into a larger section of copper tubing and clamped it to the spinning platform below the birds (on their own small unicycle).

Unicycle Feathers

Feathers Port

Feathers Starboard

The Stoic Unicyclist

Falling & Flying

The Acrobats

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