Monthly Archives: December 2012

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The Slurry Spreader traveled to its home lobby today. 5 grits of crushed granite looked great in the sectioned bed of the spreader vehicle- the patron had his outfit crush the same type of granite loaded in the “dump” vehicle. They can crush stone to any grit, and the grits range from pebbles down to powder- all sparkling pink/white/black.

stolen sculpture

stolen sculpture1

A Quail Rustler hit Salt Lake City while I stepped out of the country for a minute. When I returned, the buck quail had flown off with his chick- there was an Art Amber Alert in the neighborhood where it was rustled, a neighbor looked over is fence and saw the sculpture roosting in a neighbor’s yard. The sculpture is now in police evidence as the case is built against the 22 year old quail rustler. He was one of a larger group of rustlers, but hasn’t given up his posse- though he has let slip a connection to a scrap yard.

When the police release the birds from evidence, they will be brought to my rookery and nursed back to health before release back to the parkland they inhabit.

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