Quail Fly Away

stolen sculpture

stolen sculpture1

A Quail Rustler hit Salt Lake City while I stepped out of the country for a minute. When I returned, the buck quail had flown off with his chick- there was an Art Amber Alert in the neighborhood where it was rustled, a neighbor looked over is fence and saw the sculpture roosting in a neighbor’s yard. The sculpture is now in police evidence as the case is built against the 22 year old quail rustler. He was one of a larger group of rustlers, but hasn’t given up his posse- though he has let slip a connection to a scrap yard.

When the police release the birds from evidence, they will be brought to my rookery and nursed back to health before release back to the parkland they inhabit.

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  1. lisa said:

    WOW. Just, WOW. These little quail… the neighborhood is ‘hooding’ them to death. Nothing like the safety, security, and superior behavior of an all-white UPPER middle-class neighborhood.

    • I picked him up from police evidence yesterday. He was pretty nervous, being kept near the bed Hacking was murdered on and the box spring that a dead hooker was stuffed into at a motel just a few blocks from our house. He is happy to be resting back in his roost awaiting the reattachment of his skate, and has a positive sense of humor about the guy who stole him using Facebook to let the party HQ home-owner know he’d left the quail in his yard. So I think he’ll get over the emotional trauma and feel good about himself when repaired and returned to the park. The perp will probably just get a bit of community service, if that- as he’s such a nice white boy who just drinks too much and goes on little rampages. The quail asked if he could apply for a restraining order, but I told him they don’t give those out to birds.

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