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It snowed sideways yesterday for a bit, and now our snow-piles are back to January levels. The aluminum gal had fresh snow up to her pelvis back then, while her snow-hat plumed up another six inches (see a few posts back: Winter-Sprites). The sub-zero temps have given way to balmy Utah norms, so everything should slump down quickly. Stanley will be pleased, as the yard seems a bit tall to him lately.

Entropy Bale 4IMG_0008IMG_0007IMG_0005IMG_0003

Painting along with the Thrilling Adventure Hour (at, a new-fangled old-timey radio-like funny-time podcast; paintings suffer if’nz a don hav no fuhny disrakshun.

The painting is nearly getting somewhere now. This is the smallest bale-to-landscape ratio in the big bale series to date.




It’s the week of Valentine’s- the week my father died of cancer in ’09. In remembrance I cooked a roast of one of my last remaining Black Angus roasts from him, and began another Entropy Bail. This is the fourth in the series, the rest were painted in the spring of ’09. They are 3′ x 4′. They are all derived from the summer of 2000 when the old baler put out a field full of loose bales. Painting at this scale takes awhile, but it is nice to work on this theme again…