Insect Hotel Retaining Wall, and other yarding.

Today’s project was creating the frame for our insect hotel retaining wall by welding together old military ammo boxes, then welding rebar to drop as invisible anchors behind the boxes.ImageImage


This is the outlet of the 20′ long culvert I put in last Wednesday. I built a wooden frame around the end to stabilize sidewall erosion into the watercourse, then placed all the old shattered concrete that had been the retaining wall around it with a plastic berm and gravel creating a nice border.Image

The project that set things in motion- last week I re-established the correct boundary of the property, on the other side of an open ditch. What open ditch you say? Culverts I say. And some fence- mostly the old boards survived the transition. ImageThis side of the yard used to be a mess too.


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