Service Dog Labrador

Labrador in Wax Labrador in Wax 2

There is a new edition of the Labrador under way. I will be adding a Service Dog vest and a quote (TBD) on the vest. This will be a memorial for Randall Storms Jr., whose father was the headmaster of Wichita Collegiate School (WCS) in Wichita, KS from its inception til the 1980’s. Randall attended WCS and remained active with the school throughout his life, serving as the Alumni Chair among other duties. He was injured in a diving accident while a summer camp counselor and never walked again. He and his wife and his service dog all died in a single auto crash at low speed in Wichita, KS in early 2013. This is WCS’ 50th Anniversary, and his loss is deeply felt by students and alumni. The memorial sculpture will be finished and installed on school grounds for WCS’ 50th Anniversary this October.

I drove the mold over to the foundry yesterday and they poured a wax, which I drove back down and picked up this afternoon. I spent part of the morning prepping the studio for wax work, then spent the afternoon chasing out the seam lines of the mold and layering more wax over thin spots on the inside. The can-light in the first picture is used to illuminate thin areas, as the light will shine through the wax if it is too thin. A bit longer on these steps and the Lab will be ready for me to add the Service Dog vest.

  1. Jessica N and Makiko said:

    That’s so awesome!!!

    • Thanks Jessica. I like Makiko’s leather rig. I’d hoped to do something similar, but the client wanted a simple jersey instead.

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