Stolen: Orpheus & Eurydice


Orphues & Eurydice: Fugue

This was my first public commission.

The curator of modern art at the UMFA (Mary Francey) recommended me to the donor (Marcia Price  and the Price Family Foundation) and the client (Utah Symphony & Opera); they liked the aesthetic of my uniquely cast bronze figurative work so much they gave full creative freedom- partly because all parties involved were deeply grounded in the arts and knew that creative work takes risks and imagination. I sculpted, molded, and cast the work myself over the course of five months. It was a great labor using all of my skills, to bring my unique casting technique up to this scale and gain the unique surfacing of the works. A technique I pioneered and that cannot be replicated in a modern foundry. They were truly unique figures.

I have never had an opportunity since to work in my own aesthetic. It was a rare moment in the arts, and an equally rare moment for my work. Now gone.

  1. I’m sure this was to shred them for scrap metal: reduced to less than $500 in junk metal.

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