Stump Pulling before growing something better.

Stanley supervises excising the evil stump.

Stanley supervises excising the evil stump.

What used to be the other side of the fence was a forest of “tree-of-heaven”, an egregious dendrological misnomer requiring an 8,000lb winch, a hatchet, pickaxe, shovel, and sawz-all to rectify. I used one big stump to anchor the winch, and pull out/expose roots of a handfull of smaller stumps. This stump was bigger than the anchor stump. It was vexing, but succumbed. The anchor stump was then cut off at ground level- you can scroll down and just make it out at the far side of the step near the new planter box.


Once it comes out of the ground, it still outweighs me and required my electric hoist, a long pole for prying, this little wheeled sledge, and a makeshift roadbed of two pieces of plywood shuffled back to front through the back yard to the driveway, where it rolled to the street.

IMG_0004 IMG_0006

The internet/classifieds last weekend procured free stuff: latticework for our newly bedded Wisteria, and a few lengths of lovely pine logs. Soon enough the logs became a new raised bed planter, with weed barrier and gravel- waiting for fill dirt and plants. I placed heavy tar-paper under the fence and below the back edge of the planter to keep the neighbor’s weeds / tree-of-heaven from creeping into the gap.

IMG_0007  Viewed from the established yard, these little editions begin to tie in the new space and make it look like something other than weeds and broken glass could come out of the soil.
At the far end of the image is an old pond liner that is baking off the big stump’s chances for resurrection. You may also have noticed that I lagged together pairs of treated 2x4x10 and spanned the gap from the new fence to 3 old posts behind the shop. That is the basic footprint of what will be a simple greenhouse made of clear rigid poly-panel ceiling and heavy-ply plastic walls- somewhen down the line… after I have resolved long runs of raised beds for that space.


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