Figures get Smurfy

IMG_0027 IMG_0031

Now the long industrial process begins with an end goal of these figures in bronze. First thing is pulling silicon molds. The impression layer is the baby blue, the next coat is darker as a warning that I am near the skin for when I cut through the silicon far down the road. Next will be more silicon, mold seams, more silicon with supportive mesh, a final coat; then it is on to the outer supportive shell molding. After the mold is finished and cut open and if everything has gone as planned, then I pour wax into the mold and pull a hollow wax figure. This is brought to the foundry where it is cut apart, encased in ceramic shell, the wax melted out, and bronze poured in. Then the ceramic is shattered and the pieces all come back to me for welding, chasing, patina, and basing.

Such a long way to go. The foundry would charge about $800 per figure just to create the silicon molds- which would eat up my entire budget before I get started. So I’m doing it myself and hoping that I have the complications all figured out, and that I’ll be able to overcome any mistakes. Molds can seize onto the wax form and not come away easily if too many angles oppose eachother, as I have around the head/arms/ball. Kinda giving myself a headache over it all.


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