Sculpture Display also Truck Split Bed

The big Western Masters show in Montana is coming up, and I need to get my work there in the back of the truck & set it up for display- so both things have to be made from the same parts. In the back of the truck is the steel framework, welded and bolted for easy set up and take down. This gives me a split level within the shell. A 3/4″ thick MDF board will fit between the two long runs supported by the lateral runs and circles. All the weight placed on top of the board will rest on either side of the wheel wells to keep the truck stable for the long trip, that and it fitting tightly. It went in and came back out three times for hours of adjustments before it worked just right. IMG_0006

In the shop is the main structure for one of two displays. The wooden horses support the steel frames, and the circle T forms bolt to the frame. (I’ll take another shot of it later when it is further along- it is a bit hard to make sense of in this shot) This is made of half of the framework in the truck. The other half will form out a mirror form. Each will hold hundreds of pounds of sculpture. The horses are carried at Home Depot, and I picked up a few while out at the ranch last fall and left them out there knowing I would come up with something including them eventually. I picked up this pair here in SLC to build out the form. ( if you look carefully you can see 3 bronze fish heads and tails have swum into the studio and school together waiting for me to weld them; there are 3 more at the foundry going through casting )


These are all the sculpture stands that will bolt to the lateral runs of steel, welded out and ready for placement. I need to make a template for their bolt holes, so they can all be interchangeable along the support bar. There are three different heights, and two steel widths.IMG_0008

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  1. Lots of work. Hope the trip to Mt — and of course the show! — go well. Might be that all the weight in the back of the truck will make driving much more pleasant on the snow.

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