Western Masters ranch visit


After driving to Great Falls and unloading the truck of 800lbs of art and basing into my showroom, I had just enough daylight left to get up to the ranch and open up the waterline before dark. The little truck was a champ snow-sled drift-buster up the valley, as the county hadn’t plowed the coulee. An owl hooted at me from the big pine behind the house as I post-holed back and forth ferrying gear to the house. The next day in Great Falls I spent the day in my showroom setting everything up to meet the 4pm opening, and when I headed back to the ranch for the night found that the county had plowed the road. The next night I headed back home near midnight just as a winter front settled in, creating whiteout conditions on the highway. The snowplows hadn’t gone beyond Belt, so the last six miles of highway were similar to heading up the coulee the night before. The storm blew itself out during the night and the morning was drifty, but the snowfall was only about 6 inches- making drifts that were nearly as high as the truck tires as I headed back into town spotting coyotes and eagles looking for game on the ridges.

Tonight I break the show down after things end at midnight, set up the inflatable bed for a few hours sleep, then load everything back into the truck in the morning and head up to the ranch for a quick cross-country ski and a last overnight before shutting the house down and driving back to SLC.



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