Inspiring Tendonitis Dread


All the bronze is now cast and in the shop, making for a whole lot of grinding to prep for welding so that there can be, you guessed it, more grinding and welding and even metal Chase at some point.


This is last Friday’s prep work, a day of grinding and welding and grinding, in prep of welding the fish together- but before the connecting weld I have to chase all the details back in. That will now have to wait, as it will take awhile to bring all these new fish and their stream hoops to be fit to weld together.  IMG_0006

Last week I picked up a new Argon gas canister (the last one available in the area as TIG welding isn’t common), and ordered all the stainless steel poles cut to length for mounting the fish. The poles will be ready for pick-up tomorrow, making all the parts in-house and ready for action. My masseuse worked out my somewhat trashed forearms and recommended I start wearing a tennis-elbow strap with a special pad that absorbs the tool vibration before my tendons burn day and night like Plutonium irradiation. I wore them last week for the fist time and they gave me hope that I might be able to pull this off without my hands turning to trembling little pincher-claws.   IMG_0007 IMG_0009


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