Streambed ready for Trout


8 hoops from 16 halved hoops with two hoops cut into thirds so we can add 2 more sections= 18, with 16 panels cut away from the grasses on the outside of the hoops. And each hoop needed all the wax gates ground down and blended out as well.  That all adds up to many days of grinding and welding and chasing.  IMG_0006 IMG_0007


Stanley is quality control for weld and chase, here he inspects the set. He looks carefully at the following 6 sections to see if there is any sign of weld line or chasing. I passed his initial assessment, but he will check again after sandblast- way down the road.

IMG_0012 IMG_0014 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0026

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