Fish sticks!


Today’s challenge: fish sticks. First up, cutting out a pole sized hole from the bottom of the front half of the fish. Next: Inserting 5 foot long stainless steel poles into the fish and welding the pole to the inside top of the fish, welding the inside bottom of fish to pole, then joining the two halves of the fish, and welding the fish to close around the pole. Running the pole through the fish with welds top and bottom ensures against bears and inebriated football heros.


Bronze and stainless steel are both non-ferrous and can be welded together.


The heat blooms on dorsal fin and top of the fish mark the pole welds inside the fish.IMG_0004


Monday I chased out three fish. When I took my gloves off at the end of the day I noticed my right hand looked a bit cartoony, and after removing my cover-shirt and arm-band my forearm matched my hand. I iced the arm for 40 minutes and the swelling didn’t get any worse. I took some aspirin to bring down the inflammation and drank a lot of water. A few hours later I decided to take Tuesday off and let the arm rest. That is why today, Wednesday, was spent welding- resting from incessant grinding but still keeping busy. I’ll likely limit myself to chasing out one fish per day from now on.

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