Cirque de Swim


Trout & Stream Hoops weld on the fly.


They make it look so easy.












Swimming at last! The first pair of fish are moving through their stream hoops. The hoops drop down a step, and the fish swim down and outward, darting toward and avoiding each other. This pair has the most gesture of the 10, and I liked how they activated when together.  I will chase out the connective welds, then do the next pair, and then the group of three. Once all three groups are set, I will weld their stainless steel posts in place. Since the last post I have just been Chasing and setting welds for what seemed an endless run of fish, it is strange to suddenly be at this point where things come together.


Trout showboat upside down.


Better than welding while standing on my head.


Composing the trout pair and their stream hoops.


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