Vertical is Level is Parallel

The fish have been awaiting their new hoist so they could float at perfectly level and sideways. I’ve been kicking around some ideas on how best to set the poles, and with the big ideas in place it was just tinkering and re-do’s till it worked. Tinker days require a slower pace, so I cleaned the shop and set the triple fish on a rolling platform and cinched them down while I let the pot simmer. Once the space was fully transitioned it all started to gel. I was stymied with one hoist, as there was just too much floppy fishiness to deal with: just about as the new hoist finally arrived- good timing. The second hoist can spin the sculpture and fine tuning can happen with a little up or down from either hoist. Then it was just noticing how well the ladder would work as a leg of a platform for the pipe and more this and that and it is all ready for me to cut and fit the pole for welding.


Establishing Level & Vertical for each hoop.


Two pulleys bring level to horizontal, and horizontal to level. Ladder and box hold the pole in line.


The trout are patient with all this linear thinking.


Trout swim nervously around the shop as their cousins are set up for poles.

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  1. I’d be nervous too, watching my fellow trout hoisted and chased!

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