Trout all get legs.

All the technical work is finally done. All fish and hoops are welded/chased and grouped and standing on poles. Next I choose one of the single fish-on-a-stick, give it a last careful check-up and tweak any little things- then it is time for sandblast and patina. I usually set up the trusty canvas tent for sandblast, but these are so big that I need to build a large plastic enclosed space flown from a wooden framework that I’ll attach to the big trestle beam that the hoists fly from. This will be part of tomorrow’s doings. Then it gets rainy all week, which might set the patina back til things dry out. Utah rain rarely settles in for long, so if I work between the rain drops I should be able to keep things moving along.


These were welded out on Friday and sat through the weekend. They were chased out and standing by noon Monday.


The long triple spawn is hoisted to position sideways awaiting poles to be fit and welded in place.


With one side done, they are flipped over and welding is completed and chasing finished out.


The shop is brimming with trout. This last group is now set on wheeled platforms so I can move it out of the way for sandblasting all the others first.


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