Monthly Archives: November 2014


This is the latest big landscape. I’m pretty well done with it, although the painting may not be finished. It is 4’x3′ and so far hasn’t let me take a good photo: areas pick up shine, lighting is uneven, dimensionality of the landscape goes flat, and the yellows keep going hot no matter the manual adjustment of the camera. This one has bright little dust motes, a bit of sunburst over the top left- but the shadows remained open in the foreground. I’ll see if I can’t get a better image of it, but this will do for showing what’s up in the studio.

It depicts dessicated scrub of creosote bushes on a hot day in mid summer as a storm blows in. The cumulonimbus build over the mountains under the disturbance of the frontline, and may just burn off over the plain and never reach the dry old trees.