Bonneville Reliquary Bend is completed!

The sculptures are all in place, and the Sugar House Monument Plaza will finish with most major construction around Xmas and into the New Year. The fences will all come down and the Plaza will be open to the public soon, then there will be a grand opening in the Spring. I am happy to have my work included at such a great spot. It is really going to be a beautiful pedestrian plaza.

These 10 new trout correlate to my original 2005 Bonneville Reliquary group of five trout and two medallions located a block to the West, and two blocks to the East of the Plaza the Bonneville Upstream grouping of five trout from 2008 in the median of the intersection; a grand total of 20 trout. To see the blog history of my process creating the latest group look to the sidebar under Categories and find Cutthroat. Also in Categories under Bonneville is a short bit on the process for Bonneville Upstream.


Final trout is installed and oversees the prep work for his neighboring tree.

Triple Trout with plants.

Trout in the bioswale are happy to have the plants put in around them.

2014-12-12 23.07.56

Installation last Friday was timed just right, as we didn’t have to worry about stomping on plants or topsoil down the sonotubes.

triple and monument

The trout triple in front of Millard Filmore Malin’s The Founders of Pioneer Industry (1930-34).


This end of the Plaza is nearly completed, on the far end you can see a concrete truck busily pouring.

Trout with Plants

This fellow is guarding the greenhouse. His spot is holding all the plants (still in their pots) to go all along this side of the Plaza.

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  1. Can’t wait to see how it will look when the plants have had a chance to grow a bit!

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