New Normal: Spring by mid February


Crocus in full bloom. Daytime temps are 20 degrees above normal, and nighttime lows well above freezing.


The Lilacs have begun to leaf out, two months early.


The Daffodils will bloom soon. I’ve been doing yard work, and all the worms are busy in the frost-free soil.


Tulips and Hyacinths will be bloomed out before the end of the month.

Realize that Alaska is having the same weather. Record high temperatures in the mid 60’s, temp. average at 29.6 degrees (the same as Philadelphia). Snow gone from mountain watersheds, just bare and dry. The jet stream nearly loops creating a vast high pressure system from CA all the way to AK, and inland to the Continental Divide. This is the projected new normal as the arctic warms and superchilled air no longer is bound to the poles, but drops south and east of the Divide creating the 10 feet of snow dumped on the North East, and the West dries in an intensifying feedback loop of desertification. Lack of snowpack in the mountains can’t be made up by spring showers, besides, the May flowers came and went in February.


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