The first snow of the new year!

Snow at last! Yesterday the descending cold front pulled 80 degree air from the southern deserts slamming us with 70mph winds and the sky turned dark yellow with hazard warning levels of dust (nearly 300ppm vs the 35ppm safe level)- so dirty it was like a mist in the neighborhood. The airport was shut down as the cold front rolled over the valley, and the winds went haywire. It was snowing by 5pm, but nothing stuck till around 6am. The mountains have seen nearly 2 feet, and the foothills are blanketed in 5 inches- so our snowless winter has at last caught a break with the snowiest April 15 on record. Just 10 more record breaking storms lined up every other day for the next month is all it would take to bring the 200 inches of snow we need for a normal snow year.


Stanley prances with snow on his nose.


sugar coated blossoms. eat them while cold.


glamming up


Any snow is good snow, even more so when it’s the only snow.

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