Break brake.


One side sheared away, and the other is splitting. Must be time for a break brake.


The handle comes off the mower and enters the shop for welding.


Welded back together and ready to mow again!

This little mower is 12 years old and still starts on the first pull. I bought it to mow the yard of my first house, a little 1912 Sister-Wife house, here in SLC. It has travelled all over, mowing the big yard of the Montana ranch all the way to Kansas where E and I had a rental in the “country” with a yard so vast it took hours to mow. Now it has a 10 minute job, as most of our SLC yard is xeriscape. On minute 9 the handle sheared, making for another Danger-Day (starting a job that creates an unexpected job that is much more intensive than the original job). The handle is made from 18 gauge tubing (thin & cheap) that was riddled with stress shearing. There was a bit of evaporating steel with the weld, but it all came back together, and I reinforced it with long weld beads rather than trying to weld thicker support-metal to it. It held together for minute 10 as I finished up the back patch of wild grasses, and looks like it will hold together.


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