Demonic Dripping Freezeless Spigot Stem


Mansfield 6″ (9 inches in actual length) Stem. Protean plumbing bit that you might try to fix, which doesn’t make it worse about 20% of the time- so the plumbing shop pro told me. I was in the 80%.

This little wand of black magic set a tour of plumbing shops in motion. All shops have been out for 10 weeks, always just having sold their last one- but offering that I try this little parts replacement kit that we don’t have, but that the shop all the way across town does show having two. The old plumber-pro tells me that 80% of the time the new parts will just make the leak worse (the little gods of home plumbing are hungry and needful)- and though I did stop the leak at the vacuum manifold the plumber-pro’s advise proved out with a worse leak. Today I made my weekly (bi-weekly?) call-around for the part again; the nearest shop has quit carrying this brand and paid the manufacturer to ship all their stock back, and the shop across town has two left. By the time I get there they have one left. Upon switching it out I take care to make the incantation and blood sacrifice before closing the water off, and again after installation, and again prior to turning the water back on: the magics governing water were pleased at last.


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