Look who stayed at the Gerhart CatSpaw!


Benji the Ragdoll rescue kitty spent a few weeks at the Gerhart CatSpaw. He claimed the sun room as his private retreat.


He allowed photos if taken from across the house at full zoom, it was still annoying to him but he allowed it. He was through with paparazzi.


Xandar and Voices stand vigilant window watch, as tabloid cat-tographers roiled in the yard and leapt and clung to the screens in frenzied Benjeeber hysteria.

We humans don’t always recognize the celebrities of the cat world until other cats alert us to their magnificence. We thought we were taking in a rescue kitty for a few weeks, turns out he was taking a rest after a rigorous street-verite project while his new house was purchased and his new human staff prepped his quarters. His method acting had required letting his hair mat and a partial spay in a dramatic mad doctor scene; he was exhausted and just wanted some alone time where he could have his meals anonymously with a dog and some cats, and elect for a spa-treatment or two.

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