Push-Back on Yard Gremlins


down the Iris path


Ohio Iris from the farm of E’s grandmother.


Their biggest year yet.


It has a moody scent.


E’s grandmother’s Iris offset my grandmother’s poppies.


The poppies are going Jurassic.






The weeping wall of roses over the stream outlet.


The wheels keep Stanley from cutting the corner through the flowers.


I expanded the trellis this year- and the clematis is wending its way up.


Roses overhang the drive gate.


Bridal Veil and old-school Iris.


A hybrid from Long’s Flower Garden in my home town of Boulder, CO. It came to my original house here in SLC, to Kansas, and now here. There are a few others that made the same trip.


More hybrids from Long’s.


Another bit of Boulder.


These were Allison’s Iris from her Grandmother’s farm. It came to us when Allison & Peter moved into their new loft- no yard.


Snow Bells.


I changed out the old sprinkler head for this patch of roses today (one of three bushes) to drip line. I hope that helps with the “rust”.


Orange and yellow rose that smells like soap in the guest bath at my step-grandparents home in Estes Park, back when I was a kid. The soap company must have had the same variety when they made the scent…


Last of the Tulips.


Globe Mallow in its second year on the sun-torturous central hill.


Quail at the base of the quail sculpture.


Lantana has moved from in the sunroom, where it goes dormant and drops most of its leaves through the winter. It has 5 blooms, but hardly any leaves yet.


The new outlet spills into the middle of the top pool. Under the rocks is a wooden frame that sleeves the piping and provides a platform for the stones.


The water spills out in two directions and adds a new pitch to the waterfalls.


The second pool’s Iris have bloomed nicely.


The main pool is filling out with water lilies- and all the goldfish are down at the bottom as they are convinced I am an Osprey.


Yesterday was a 10 hour day, setting the new pond filter into an enlarged hole inside a galvanized garbage can for protection. This shiny beast is hidden under a big fake rock, and a few slabs of thin shale.


Anything that tidy must have hurt. All my connections are water tight, the wet sand is from a tiny leak at the central seal of the brand new pump. That is where the UV light will go in another 3 weeks after the filter media has established micro organisms, and I hope that ends the leak. Around the pump is sand, as well as outside the garbage can- helping the unit to handle the internal pressure. It should also ease lifting the can out come winter. I rigged an attachment for a garden hose for flushing the filter, we’ll see if a garden hose can handle the pressure.

The xeriscape and pond are almost ready for summer after another course of days spent fixing and futzing and running to the hardware store. All waterlines from the house are ship shape, and all main xeriscape lines are laid in. I snapped off a sprinkler head in the rose bed near the driveway with the snow-shovel this winter, so today I switched out that whole area from sprinklers to dripline. Just a few more days of tweaking, but all the big projects are resolved. Unless I start in on my idea of partially xeriscaping the front yard…


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