Two figures accepted to the Spring Salon at the Springville Museum of Art

It was a rainy drab day, so E and I drove down to Springville through washes of blusterstorms to see my bronze ladies that were juried into the big annual state art show. The museum was closed to prep for their art ball tonight, but they let us in for a quick walk-through to document the sculptures in-situ. The bronze ladies may not be the Belle’s of the Ball, but at least they get to attend without worrying about shoes and makeup.


Captain of the board room table- whoever reaches out to spin her either gets promoted or demoted; all depending on the angle.


Not the plinth one would expect a work to be displayed upon in a fine arts museum, but I get it. Plus, she likes all that mahogany and leather.


To see her in the round hit the hotlink below.


She might be on a short plinth, but she gets her own French Doors for lovely natural lighting.


This is a nice angle to see the natural light through the doors. She likes having new art to look at.


Hibakusha detail. HIt the hotlink in the text below to see her in the round.

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