Sun-Hammer Helmet Fix

E and I headed out cycling a bit too late yesterday, and the temperature jumped up 10, then 20 degrees, in a matter of miles on the way home. Standing at a stoplight I felt the sun crushing my male pattern baldness scull. After woozily commenting on seeing black dots and stars after every light, Elizabeth suggested I use leftover Coolaroo screen from the house windows to make inserts. I cut each Coolaroo screen to fit each space, then “welded” it in place with Bondic. After test-standing-about in the 100 degree afternoon sun, it was as cool as a cowboy hat. A brimless cowboy hat. It should also help alleviate the bug-scoop aspect of the helmet.

I will test drive it this week and see if the high desert Sun Hammer is shrugged off.


Screens for the top 5 vents, shading the sun from crashing against my baldness.


Inside the helmet..


Coolaroo screening cuts 90% of sun, and still allows air-flow, and the Bondic weld creates a seamless plastic bead melding the screen to the helmet’s foam liner and plastic shell.


This is one of the coolest little tools. Bondic. UV activated plastic weld. Better than glue, but not a glue.


Coolaroo screens over the bay window. So little UV comes through that our air-plant that hung inside the window died last summer (while we were stuck in Montana).


The view from inside out is still clear, but the afternoon glare off the neighbor’s house and our driveway is cut down by 90%.


The whole east side of the house Coolaroo’d means we don’t need A/C til temps climb to triple digits, and then our little wall unit handles the whole house. That and a whole house fan to bleed off the day’s heat, as the high desert of Salt Lake cools off by 30 degrees or more most nights.


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