Ranch-worthy Washing Machine

The old Montana ranch house will like its new clothes washing machine. The old electric washing machine had cracked housings from the deep freezes the house endures, and so I removed it and dropped it off for metal salvage on our trip in early June. This new unit will go perfectly with the Solar Clothes Dryer, i.e. rope & clothes pins. The sellers were glad it wouldn’t be used as a flowerpot on some Yuppie’s deck.


Our new clothes washing machine! E spotted it from the truck at an antique store here in SLC a few months ago. We stopped in to have a look over the weekend, and picked it up today.


Skinny profile and easy to carry.


Tub holders swing out and self-stabilize with metal supports.


The galvanized tubs have center drain nubs and are in perfect shape. Wash on one side (still need a washboard), wring out the suds, then rinse on the other side and wring again. 


Last night was Stanley’s second run-in with a Raccoon in the yard at night. The bite on his cheek has two shallow punctures, and he has a divot near his nose.


Stanley losing bits of his face means we get to play this game now.


No more letting Stanley out for a late night piddle, without being accompanied by a human. If a Raccoon is trapped, our vet would like to cut his head off and send it in for testing. nuts. 


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