Mountain Bluebird House Upgrade


Bluebirds prefer a slot, while Starlings and Sparrows don’t; so new design ditches the hole for a slot (1 8/30 high).

I found some new info on bluebirds, showing that they prefer slot openings and it deters other birds. I also didn’t like the open-top box, for structural reasons as well as access for cleaning. This design is tighter, stronger, and comparatively seamless- it should shrug off Montana winters much more effectively.


The open-top model leads to structural issues over seasons, and the open-front makes cleaning simpler. The lock is just a copper pin that pierces the outer wall and seats into the door.


The back panel has a big hanging hasp left over from another project, and the bottom will anchor to the pole with a screw through a predrilled hole from underneath through the back. The arc of holes over the hasp are air holes, and the sides have half-inch air gaps near the peak.


As long as most of the afternoon was spent figuring out the prototype, might as well take a few more minutes to crank out another with the remaining length of board.


This model has every upgrade possible, let’s hope the birdies move in.

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