Mountain Bluebird Condos


6 Blue Bird Houses with a slot opening and front opening door.

I think I’m done now. Well, no, I still have to brand them with my insignia. And I might make an Alpine Meadows brand after my father’s Angus brand. So that makes these identical 6, plus the lid-opening / hole entry, plus the proto-house that I converted to a wren house by laying a smaller 1″ hole over the original 1.5″ hole. The bluebirds brood up to 3 times in a season, so if I get these in place soon they might find tenants this summer.


Hanging hardware solution- my radial arm saw cuts metal as well as wood, with the same blade. A three foot section of pre-drilled and offset galvanized steel made 6″ sections for each house. This will make anchoring to a fence pole easy and secure.


Pull the pin to unlock the door, it swivels upward and the old nest can be cleaned out.

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