Repelling rappelling?


Tarantulas compare their etching layer. Color is next.

When last we saw the spiders they were just a jumble of separated bodies, metal legs, packs, and “window” cuts. Then my hand and leg were stung by hornets and just for something new, my hand and ankle swelled up like balloons over the course of the next few days, then slowly deflated over a few more days. It took a bit longer before I could chase metal with a pneumatic grinder. The welding went easily, and the chasing as well. Drilling and tapping three feet on each spider led to chasing out a bigger hole on a front foot to insert a nut for welding into the foot to ensure the anchor point- it is these kinds of little tweaks that eat up time. As I moved on to setting up for sandblasting and suited up- the day was jumping out of the 80’s, and by the time the spiders emerged in brushed gold from the tent it was in the mid 90’s. By the time they were coated in their etching chemicals, heated, and rubbed back with steel wool it was 97, and now everything is put up for the day and it is over 100. The real patina work needs to be done at a thinking temperature, and tomorrow’s high should be 30 degrees cooler as a storm front is moving in.


Sandblasted and ready for etching layer of patina.


Raise a leg if you are ready practice your climbing knots.


Sandblasted clean, the spiders do a happy dance before patina begins.


Tarantulas need safety gear and tight planning before heading up a wall or water spout.


Best to let a buddy double check the harness.


Tarantula tummy rubs…

  1. Looking cool Dan! I love their little climbing shoes and backpacks. They look like they are serious about climbing that spout come hell or high water (pun intended).

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