The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Ready for water-spout.


The tarantula wanted black banding, and chose matching green shoes and pack.

This tarantula will go to the Mother Goose playground. This is the second patina, after using the first for practice and experimenting. The black and green is much snappier, and I burned off some micro wire-wheels getting enough metal exposed for the black to react over the green. When I replace the micro-heads I will probably re-work the practice spider to match this one.


I almost polished out the shoes, but then decided it would look silly.




Harness with buckles and polished fangs are all details that will likely never be seen, as the spider will be mounted up on a wall.


little know factoid: Shelob’s offspring were tamed by the Hobbits and trained with climbing saddles as Sam led a group of Hobbits to relocate at the cliffs of Mordor after the fall of Sauron.

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