Praying Mantis at Vespers


Summer must be on the way out, as our tiny brown yard Mantis of June is now full size jade green.


From the side she is flat as a leaf.


Our elegant little lady likes to show off her party dress.


Mantis at full-Vesper.


She is upper left on the hand rail. Btw, the porch is newly refinished.


The wooden rail was rubbed back with steel wool, and it and the slatting got new sealant/stain (this is the second time I’ve stripped and sealed it). The facing of the house on the porch was scrubbed down and rinsed off, and the bare concrete deck and steps were cleaned down and painted. This took about 3 days in nearly 100 degree heat.


Other upgrades: we put in the porch light our first summer in the house, as it had been a bare bulb, then I repainted the iron railing; two years ago I stripped and sanded down the old wooden door and refinished it, and this spring I stripped and refinished the inside of the door.


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