Western Windbreak Yards need saws of all kinds.


The willows are pushing into the power line, so I cut the power to the house at the relay from the power pole.


The power is off, and with a ladder and an extendible pruning saw I can juuuuust reach the problem branches.


The line is clear.


While E mowed the lawn I trimmed the hedge till a paper wasp nest the size of a soccer ball stopped my progress, then I trimmed the sprawling lilacs around the house til a ground-nest of hornets erupted from within a lilac; that left me with only one other jerb.


The Jerb: dreadnaught leaner-willow.


A yard too small for chainsaws is not a yard at all.


I start with the under cut, coming up about 1/3 of the way.


The top cut sits just behind the under cut, toward the root.


The tree begins to relax. It has lots of branches on the far end reaching in crazy directions that will tempt it to roll. The under / over cut stabilizes this tendency.


The big monster comes down square.


The ripped line shows a clean bottom cut, with the upper cut lining up just behind with a level snap-line to stabilize the descent. Safety at scale becomes a science.


De-Limbing the big rollers, then sectioning it up. I use poly-wedges to assist, cutting in the top first and driving in a wedge- then cutting up from the bottom and the crushing force of the log against the wedge lifts the log. Physics are keen.


Cleaning up.


Dave arrives with the rest of the day’s projects, and buddies for Stanley.


This log is from yet another branch, laid down years ago across the stream that needed the poly wedge to remove safely.


Dave and Duane set a new gate to the horse pasture.


It will get a new support pole next spring when the corral gets some new posts and rails, but this will definitely hold it meanwhile.


Stanley and I look at the berm log stacks and are glad that chore is done.


The two monsters partly in the creek will have to dry out through to next summer before I can move them any further- and they aren’t worth dulling my saw with more cuts…


The logs to the L form a berm where the creek has cut a flood channel in the past, and the rest are just too damn big to move so I used a pry-bar to leverage them onto the tree island.


The back yard mowed, with the willows tamed back.

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